protects against loss and theft

Free registration and no running costs.
Every day, countless valuables are lost or stolen all over the world.

The solution: - the anonymous property identification of valuables.
Successful for 10 years with over 10 million codes on the market. cares that mobile valuables find their way back to the owner in case of loss.
In addition, offers a worldwide theft protection system.

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PiNkey AG protects
personal valuables against loss and theft by providing an online-based product coding system.

Using the CODE number, anyone can check at any time online, mobile, via app or
by scanning a QR code, whether a product has been reported as stolen by its owner
or anonymously contact the owner via in the case of lost property.
The registration of valuables via the respective CODE number is free of charge
and without running costs.

Since the company was founded in 2007, has issued more than 10 million CODE numbers.
The clients are brands such as PORSCHE DESIGN, Jaguar, Norton, ERGO, DFB,
ABUS, Giant, ADFC and Touring Club Switzerland (TCS).


Every day countless valuables are lost:
▪ More than 7 million Germans have lost their cell phones at least once.
▪ Approximately 26 million luggage and bags are lost at airports every year.

According to a study by Readers Digest, about 70% of finders return found objects.
Therefore, there is no lack of honest finders, but of the possibility to find the owner!

If, for example, you lose your mobile phone, suitcase or key, will inform you
immediately when the finder reported us the find. With the back to me service, we offer
the organisation of anonymous return transport to the current location of the owner.
The personal details of the owner and finder remain strictly anonymous, unless
both parties clearly agree to a direct contact.

✓ Anonymous property labelling
✓ Free registration
✓ No running costs
✓ Return rate of more than 90%
✓ Worldwide return transport to the owner
✓ Certified data security returns 93% of all registered items!
The theft protection service is integrated by
well-known bicycle and sports equipment manufacturers as an
integral part of the production process under lacquer.
For this purpose distributes licenses to brand manufacturers
for the integration of CODE numbers already within the manufacturing process
for products such as bikes, snowboards, skis, cell phones.

The theft protection can also be applied to the object to be secured
as a special label over lacquer. The theft protection labels for application
over paint are made of a weather-resistant security film with
a special high-performance adhesive.

✓ Unique property labelling
✓ International theft check possible for everyone (e.g. directly via QR code)
✓ Theft prevention: Minimizes the risk of theft
✓ Assignment of found bicycles and owners possible
✓ Free registration, unlimited duration
✓ Certified data protection

If secured items would be stealed, they could easily be
identified as stolen goods and could therefore hardly be resold.
This reduces the risk of theft of your items.

and this is how it works...

Anonymous property labelling
Attach BACK-TO-ME product to valuables and register.
Notice for finders and individual CODE Number
for reporting a find to - mobile, online or simply by scanning the QR code.
Organization of the return of the found object
by - anonymous and worldwide!
Theft Protection
Anonymous property labelling
Theft protection label ex works under lacquer or over lacquer label apply and register.
Notice of theft check and registration
Theft prevention and property allocation.
Worldwide theft check
Status can be checked by anyone via QR and mobile. Stolen goods are identified directly!



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