GmbH Privacy Statement

Note on data protection

In all cases of data processing (e.g., gathering processing and transmitting) we comply with the legal regulations of the Federal Data Protection Law and the Telecommunications Law. The data needed to complete your order will be stored and forwarded to a service provider hired by us as needed to complete the order. Further, address and order data will be collected and processed for our own marketing purposes.

Right of objection

Note: You may object at any time to the use, processing and transmittal of your personal data by sending a plain written message by post to GmbH, Cassellastr. 30-32, 60386 Frankfurt or by email to [email protected]

The information we use

We need personal data from you in the following cases:
- when making contact with us
- when signing an agreement with us
- when processing a financial transaction
- when registering an object
- in the event an object is found and for assistance with the return of that object.

For what we use your data

We use personal data in certain cases to process orders, to deliver labels and tags, to register the objects you have marked with a label or a tag, to support the return process of found objects, to check credit worthiness, to process payments, to prevent abuse of our Internet site and to inform you of our services. How we use your data The reason we store personal data is first and foremost to be able to process orders optimally, and to achieve this we do forward them to another company if need be. One possible scenario is the forwarding of data to suppliers who would send you goods straight ex works or to a shipper who will bring you an object that was lost and was found. The data forwarded may only be used by the recipient to fulfill a specific task. Other utilization of the information is not allowed. Furthermore, is obliged to pass on personal data to law enforcement officials if they are required to respond to security threats or prosecute crimes. In the event of online payment using a credit card, your credit card information (Mastercard or VISA, card number, security code and validity date) will only be forwarded to the companies involved in the payment process. Credit card data will not be stored by GmbH. In order to check credit worthiness, and for other legitimate interests, we share addresses and credit data with other corporate mail-order companies and corporate service providers as well as the Schufa and other economic information services.

How we protect your data

When you register on our Website or submit an order, your personal data are sent to us. To avoid having them fall into the wrong hands, we encrypt the data using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This is a proven and safe method to transmit data on the Internet.

§ssl_logo§ GmbH also maintains various other security measures to protect its customers’ personal data. In addition to the security measures, you will be requested occasionally to produce proof of your identity before you are shown certain information.

The use of cookies
Cookies are small files that are used to identify users. They are transmitted to the hard disc of your computer using your Web browser and the can be read out during your visits to the site. Our cookies are protected from being read out by third parties thanks in part to the security standard of your browser. Our short-term cookies (session cookies) are unencrypted, but permanent cookies are made anonymous in order to protect your data. Cookies allow our systems to identify your browser.

In most Web browsers, the Help function will explain to you how to prevent the browser from accepting new cookies, how to have your browser warn you when you have received a new cookie and also how to invalidate all the cookies you have received. The information that we receive from cookies is used exclusively to adapt our services in the best possible way to the wishes of our customers and give you the most comfortable surfing experience on our site.

Contact data protection

If you have further questions regarding data protection, you may find the answers in our FAQ (a list of the most frequently asked questions). Furthermore, for information, objections, correction and deletion requests of your data, and any comments, please email us at any time: [email protected], or send a letter to GmbH, Cassellastrasse 30-32, 60386 Frankfurt/Main. GmbH
Cassellastraße 30-32
D-60386 Frankfurt am Main

T: +49 (0)69 - 941 43 88 -20
F: +49 (0)69 - 941 43 88 -29
E-Mail: [email protected]